Cara Henderson
has been enhancing people's images in the fashion industry through her positions in marketing and advertising for fifteen years, creating and styling wardrobes for a Fortune 500 retail company.  She has collaborated with many of the top photographers, models and commercial directors in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  She helped produce and style commercials, photo shoots and fashion shows, many of them award-winning.

As head of a fashion product team, Cara oversaw the creation of thousands of looks and outfits, while providing training, mentoring and guidance to young stylists and fashion coordinators.  In addition to her many years' experience working in Marketing and Advertising, she has also held positions in Public Relations and retail management.

As founder of Cara Henderson Style Consulting, Cara provides style consulting to women and men in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 

Cara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing from the University of San Francisco.



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