Personal Style Consultation - Identify the best colors, clothing styles and silhouettes to enhance personal body type.  Define client's style personalities by taking into consideration lifestyle as well as their style and image goals.  Client will receive a style notebook to keep for future reference, which includes a body type and style personality guide.

Wardrobe Edit - Clear closet of outdated and unflattering clothing.  Organize wardrobe for easy and efficient use.

Personal Wardrobe ShoppingShop for wardrobe styles appropriate for body type, lifestyle, style personality and budget.

Outfit Creation - Create outfits from existing wardrobe.  Provide client with photo "look book" for future reference and guidance.

Professional Color Analysis - Determine your personal color temperature, value and contrast based on your hair, eye and skin colors.  Utilizing professional color theory principles, we will then select a custom color palette of your most flattering colors that also reflects your personality.  You will receive a custom fabric color palette of 12 paddles with 70+ colors, along with a color guide that summarizes your analysis.  The color palette is sized to allow you to easily carry in your handbag to utilize while shopping and wardrobe planning. 

Color Analysis Home Party Get a group of friends together for a color analysis party – you’ll have a great time while finding out your most flattering personal colors.  Professionally trained Wardrobe 911 personal stylists will jointly conduct the analysis, and a custom fabric color portfolio will be selected for each participant based on her skin tone, eye and hair colors.  This vital shopping tool, which fits perfectly in your handbag, is shipped to each individual’s home a couple of weeks after the party.  Each participant also receives a Wardrobe 911 color guide that contains a summary of the analysis.  The minimum group size is four people and the session takes approximately two hours depending on group size. Please contact Cara for pricing.

Style Parties and Group ConsultationsStyle Consultations for parties or groups.  Please call to discuss.

Gift CertificatesAvailable with a minimum of two hours and in any amount thereafter.


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